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Very Very Dark Daylilies


Ashwood Darkside / Sensible Gardening and Living

There seems to be a fascination with dark or black flowers. Rose and tulip hybridizers have been after it for years as have daylily hybridizers. There are no true black daylilies but many are extremely dark none the less and verging on looking black.

Dark colored daylilies often have  a thick substance to their petals which makes the flower look and feel like velvet.  When observing these dark cultivars I can’t help but start to think royal thoughts.

These dark toned daylilies really tend to stand out in the garden and blend in well with most other colored plants, some what in the the same way white flowers do. I admit that I do not care for the black roses or tulips, for some reason they appear sinister to me. The dark daylilies though do not give me that same oppressing feeling. Here are a few dark varieties that I am growing, all are northern hardy and easy to grow.

Buddha has a striking huge yellow eye zone. Pops right out of your garden bed. buddha-daylily-sensible-gardening-jpg

Daylily ‘Buddha’ / Sensible Gardening and Living

Which Way Jim has a very dark eye zone and large yellow-green throat.


Daylily ‘Which Way Jim’ / Sensible Gardening and Living

 Troubled Sleep has a striking dark green throat and great solid colouring


Daylily ‘Troubled Sleep’ / Sensible Gardening and Living

For those who like black tulips two great cultivars are:

Black Parrot / Queen of the Night

Black flowers can add quite an impact to your garden if they are combined with the right plants, they offer style and drama to your borders. Combine them with silver-gray foliage plants for a striking effect.

I’ve worked extensively in the nursery trade and display touring gardens, but now enjoy exploring my own gardens. I’m passionate about daylilies and operate a daylily farm alongside my husband who takes care of our apiary. Bees & flowers make a great team! Hopefully by sharing my garden knowledge, your gardening will be easier and more enjoyable.