Why I Grow Vegetables

More and more I have become suspect of the quality and purity of the food we eat. With greater awareness of the realty of modern food production, the less enchanted I’ve become with much of the food offered at the grocery store.

Why I Grow vegetables with Sensible gardening. 5 reasons why you should too.

We’ve made the commitment to purchase as much organic food as possible and to support the organic growers at our local farmers markets. Our diet has become heavily slanted towards vegetables, fruits, grains and fish. As we live in a northern zone 5 area it is not possible for us to grow all food choices but we can grow many vegetables very successfully.


This is why we do what we do:  


There is no doubt in our minds that the vegetables we grow are of a higher quality than those we can buy at the store. First of all the travel time from the garden to our plate is far less than the trip of days required for commercial crops. The fresher the vegetables are when eaten the healthier and tastier they are. Vegetables ripened in the garden rather than picked early and ripened on the shelf, are higher in vitamin content.

Why I grow vegetables with Sensible Gardening


When we grow our own we know they are truly organic, as that is how we choose to garden. There is no residue of chemical fertilizers or pesticides to be concerned about. Many of the sprays used in commercial production have become suspect, so by growing ourselves we know our food is safer.

Why I Grow Vegetables with Sensible Gardening


By growing our own we have a greater selection of vegetable varieties to choose from. We can also plan to have our crops mature at different times to extend the season of any one vegetable. With a little research we can seek out the unusual varieties not offered at the produce store.



Growing your own vegetables is very rewarding and enjoyable. It gets us out in the fresh air and supplies our bodies with an excellent source of exercise. Watching crops grow and harvesting the rewards is very satisfying.



We really do not grow vegetables with the expectation of saving a lot of money. Gardening is far from free. There are seeds to acquire, soil to enrich and tools to buy. If we save money that is a great bonus, however it is not a requirement to continue gardening.

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Why I grow Vegetables with Sensible Gardening. 5 reasons why you should too.

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