Vertical Gardens

Everyone is talking about vertical gardening. Gives you the impression that this is something new and inventive, but growing upwards has been going on forever. Give it a new name and what’s old becomes new. Regardless of your gardening space, everyone can create a more interesting garden by going vertical. You can utilize the concept of growing vertically in both the large estate garden or the balcony retreat green space.

Vertical Gardening with Sensible Gardening

It’s practical, going up means maximizing your space. Ground area is used only to support roots and stems. Plants usually benefit from greater air circulation and sun exposure and are therefore often healthier.

Vertical Gardening with Sensible Gardening

Vertical Gardens with Sensible Gardening

Traditional vertical gardening uses vines. Vines cover and soften architectural forms, they produce privacy screens or often needed shade. Many vines boast beautiful blooms adding colour and fragrance to your garden. Vines can be clinging or non-clinging. Clingers can grow up just about anything while non-clingers need some vertical support, such as netting, lattice, arbor or a pergola.

Preparing your Roses for winter with Sensible Gardening

Other long stemmed plants such as climbing roses will grow vertically with a strong support and a bit of tie down. Great for adding a dash of romance to your garden.

Vertical Gardening with Sensible Gardening
(photo by James DeMers)

Other plants useful for the vertical garden are trees and shrubs that have a natural upright growing habit. These can be trained to grow against a wall or trellis. You can try espaliered fruit trees, and train forsythia or pyracantha.

Vertical Gardens with Sensible Gardening

You can also use vegetables, such as cucumbers, squash, peas, tomatoes or beans. Train these plants on wires, netting, poles or trellises to get them up off the ground.

Vertical gardens with Sensible Gardening

Get creative and use ladders, pallets, steps, cinder blocks and home made teepees to grow climbing annuals and vegetables. Cover unsightly fences and sheds by growing up. Create layers for even more effect .Using very little ground space you can create depth by growing plant layers of varying heights. Start with a low flat ground hugger in the front, a mid size climbing rose in the centre and a tall growing vine in the back.

Vertical Garden with Sensible Gardening

Create your vertical garden by using your garden wall space. This works very well for small patios or balconies.  Hang pots, baskets, gutters or boxes and plant them up with colourful annuals, herbs or vegetables. Create a small scale living wall right outside your door. Regardless of your method, growing vertical gives you more garden area to beautify and enjoy.

Vertical Gardens with Sensible Gardening

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The Vertical Garden with Sensible Gardeniing

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