Tulips and Deer

Deer damaage to Tulips at Sensible Gardening and Living

Now you see them, now you don’t! And I don’t mean the deer.



Last year I gathered up all my tulip bulbs and replanted them right next to the house, along the porch. I felt certain they would be safe  there. Could I have been more wrong?

Just as those beautiful buds started to open, the deer were quick to make them a light night snack. One more step and they would be standing on my porch. ┬áThis does not bother them in the least. With so many deer around, my garden has evolved over the years to only include those plants that they usually don’t eat, as deer will eat just about anything.


I’ve held out on the tulips though as love them in spring, but alas the deer have won this battle. Tulip bulbs can get expensive when you like trying the new fancy hybrids and I just can’t afford to be feeding the deer. Instead, this fall I will pick out more daffodils to plant. There is getting to be many different varieties available although the big yellow ‘King Alfreds’ are hard to beat.