Tips for Controlling Mint

All the different mints are wonderful to grow as they are excellent for making delicious mint tea, peppermint said to be good for digestion. Unfortunately the mint family can be very invasive so care should be given when deciding to add this plant to your garden.

Tips for Controlling Mint with Sensible Gardening. Recipe for Sun Tea!

The best way to control mint is to grow it in a container. Your container can be above ground on a patio or sunk into the ground in the garden. If you sink your container be sure it has drainage holes in the bottom. Members of the mint family spread by roots, seeds and fallen stems that come into contact with the soil. Your container will help to restrict the mint’s rampant growth.

Tips for Controlling Mint with Sensible Gardening. Recipe for Sun Tea!

If you already have a patch of mint growing in the garden which is becoming a problem it is best to deal with it sooner than later. You must hand dig the roots and remove everything including the stems. Any plant part left in the soil will likely root itself to make another plant. You must be very thorough in this task.

Tips for Controlling Mint with Sensible Gardening

You can also try to starve the plants by keeping them cut down close to the ground. At the very least keep all flowers from developing. Over time the plant will run out of energy and stems and leaves will die out.

Tips for Controlling Mint with Sensible Gardening

How to Use your Fresh Mint Leaves

  • Use leaves to make hot tea. Place a handful in cheesecloth and steep it in hot water.
  • Flavor jelly, sauces and gravies.
  • Add a few leaves to lemonade or iced tea.
  • Top a fruit salad with a few sprigs or add a few leaves to a mixed green salad.
  • Add the leaves to a potpourri mixture.
  • Use in herbal sachets and pillows.

Tips for Controlling Mint with Sensible Gardening

Recipe for Sun Tea

1 cup crushed mint leaves rinsed
1/2 cup crushed lemon balm leaves rinsed
6 tea bags
2 quarts of cold water
1/2 lemon sliced thinly
1/2 lime sliced thinly
1/2 orange sliced thinly
sugar (optional)

Place herbs and tea bags in pitcher and add water. Set in sun for 2-3 hours. Stir and strain. Add citrus slices, place in refrigerator for several hours. Stir before serving chilled with a few slices of citrus in each glass.

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How to Control Mint in your garden plus a recipe for Sun Tea with Sensible Gardening

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