They Call it Mellow Yellow

Yellow Rudbeckia at Sensible Gardening and Living

If you have a few years on yourself you will no doubt remember the song by that title. I can’t remember who sang it but it was a huge hit. The garden seems to go through stages of colour from spring through to fall. Early in the season my garden is full of softer tones of pinks and blues and somehow it turns face and changes to bursting with yellow flowers. This has not been by some grand design of the gardener, it just seems to happen by itself. Could it simply be that many late blooming flowers lend themselves to fall tones such as yellow. Perhaps it’s mother nature’s way of decorating since these yellow toned blooms will match beautifully with the ripening foliage that follows after the summer season.

RUDBECKIA / You really have to love those bright brown eyes looking up at you.


GAILLARDIA/ Usually see a lot of bees in this plant.


HELIANTHUS / Will bloom profusely right up until frost.


CLEMATIS T. / I’m not sure which I like best, the flowers or the decorative seed heads.


YARROW / Not my favourite plant but it sure does the job in very dry spots where almost nothing else will grow.




ROSE / I lost the name to this rose several year ago but it always re-blooms in late summer.


CALIFORNIA POPPY / Once they start they never stop and will self seed themselves for next years garden.


COREOPSIS / Started blooming many weeks ago and just keeps at it.





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