The Mini Pond

There is no doubt that a water feature adds a great deal of charm and interest to a garden setting. Large water ponds and streams are dynamic and even small ponds add the dimensions of movement and sound, not to mention all the wildlife they attract. Water features however are not inexpensive and they also can take up a fare amount of real estate in your garden space.

There are alternatives to going the full route of investing in a pond or stream. Possibly your garden space is very limited as in a small yard or balcony and deck garden. You may not be permanently settled and so it’s not the right time or place for such a large investment, or the budget just says no at this time.

A great idea is to make a small pond, or a mini pond. You can use any water holding container but for a better look use any large glazed pot or galvanized tub. I used an old tin tub of my Grandmothers that I’ve had hanging around for years. It turned out to be the perfect choice for my country style garden.  Decide on a spot in the sun to place your container. Make sure your hose will reach out to this area. To create varying heights for your water plants place flat stones or bricks in the bottom of your tub.

Head out to your local nursery and pick out several water plants for your project. Choose something tall, something creeping, something bushy. Pick an assortment of varying shapes, sizes and colors for interest. Anything that blooms is a bonus.

Arrange the plants in your tub or pot in an attractive display. Small plant pots may need weighing down with rocks or decorative pebbles. Fill your tub with fresh water covering the tops of the plants.

Use floating water plants such as water lettuce or water hyacinth to fill in the open areas between your plants to give your mini pond a lush full appearance. Add a floating candle or small colored water globe for extra pizazz if you like.

Every few days refresh your water in the tub as it evaporates. Let the water slowly over flow the tub for a few minutes. This will help to eliminate mosquito larvae. If mosquitos become a problem add a mosquito dunk, available at any pond resource outlet.

I do not recommend you add fish to your mini pond. I feel the environment of a mini pond is too small and stifling for fish. You just might however have a local frog that will be glad to take up residence.

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  1. Great Blog! I wish I could have a pond!!! sadly my kids are still too small and “busy” for one…lol…One day I will…I have bookmarked your blog as a favorite to visit. I would love if you would link into my Friday party each week and share a garden topic or flaunt something fun from your growing adventures??? I usually get the party started Thursday evening…and let it run till almost midnight Sunday!
    hope to see you there!
    hugs from Alberta Canada

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