The last of the Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris at Sensible Gardening and Living

This year has been an exceptional year for the Iris. They have never bloomed so strong and long for a very long time.  Since they lasted so long, they joined in with other blooming plants to create some wonderful new combinations in the garden, perhaps never to be seen again for a few years. That’s the fun of gardening. Even though we may plan and plot away every season adds a few curve balls  making it unique and different from any other season before it.

Iris / Sensible Gardening and Living
Iris / Sensible Gardening and Living

Now that the Iris are finished, I will spend some time to cut down the tall flower stems, as low to the ground as possible. The spent blooms are rather unsightly. Left behind though is beautiful, strong green leaves that remain looking great for the entire gardening season. Another reason why I love this plant!



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