The Arrival of Spring

This morning was quite special, we woke up to the singing of robins, an early spring bird for us. This was a first for this year, and the story around here has it that when the robins return, spring is just around the corner. Looking out we saw a pair of large, healthy red breasted robins, sitting on a stump just out back. Definitely our first birds of spring.

Sensible Gardening and Living
Sensible Gardening and Living

As the season progresses we will end up with a yard full of birds, as our garden is very bird friendly. Our bluebirds always arrive between March 17-21, without fail. The big blue heron will sweep down from the skies as soon as the ice has all melted from the pond. Various hawks, falcons and eagles will circle the canyon looking for all the small rodents that are suddenly rising to the surface from the depths of their burrows.

Hawk / Sensible Gardening and Living

Owls will serenade themselves to sleep during the wee hour of the morning and a multitude of different song birds will visit us throughout the entire gardening season. The california quail will come out of hiding and start to multiply like crazy while the humming birds zoom in and out of everywhere.

Hearing the robins this morning made me realize just how quiet the winter garden really is. In summer there is a constant hum of insects and birds. The pond comes alive with splashes and buzzing bees.The woodpeckers are tapping away and the squirrels are scratching across the porch, always in a hurry. I really miss this living orchestra and look forward to its return.

Bird Feeder / Sensible Gardening and Living

Time to double check all the bird houses and feeders to make sure they are clean and safe for our guests. The bird baths will need to be freshly cleaned and filled with fresh water. We continue to put out suet cakes for a while longer and will fill the feeders with seed.  Once the pond is cleaned up and the stream is running there will be ample room for all bathers. Sugar syrup is made for the hummingbirds, who will arrive a bit later.

Bird Bath / Sensible Gardening and Living

Heres to spring!! It simply cannot happen fast enough for me.