Take a Garden Break

Being in the full swing of gardening with all its chores and activities I think we sometimes need to remove ourselves for a day of rest. It’s good to go out and see what other gardeners are up to and enjoy some of the fruits of their endeavors. I chose such a day and first of all headed out to a local garden nursery.

Sensible Gardening and Living
Sensible Gardening and Living

Walking around someone else’s garden is a very worthwhile activity. It offers us a new set of eyes if only for the day. It is an opportunity to get a new focus on the same theme, refreshing  alternatives, unique garden practices and ideas for your garden. Similar flowering plants are arranged in different patterns, new cultivars are discovered and unfamiliar color patterns are observed. Best of all you get to just enjoy the beauty without the constant reminder of what needs to be done. You can leave your to do list at home.

Exploring a nursery gets your creative juices flowing. New introductions of nursery plants and unfamiliar landscaping plants are a lure and worth the time to explore. Sometimes old forgotten favorites are brought back to mind and ways to reintroduce them into your garden enter your thoughts. If your nursery has a knowledgeable staff, unfortunately they all do not, it is nice to talk shop a bit and learn from their experience.

Next stop was the farmers market. We are lucky enough to have a very successful market in our city. What better place to enjoy the delights of garden production. Even if you grow your own vegetables you are sure to find ones you don’t have. Pick up some of these to use later in your kitchen. We live in a fruit belt so there are always fresh fruits to enjoy. Not having any fruit trees it is always a treat to enjoy the fruit of others fresh from their farms. Then of course you have the fresh eggs, baked goods, fresh flowers, honey and preserves. The atmosphere of the market is always energetic and refreshing. Take time for a cool drink or steaming cup of coffee and just sit and watch the crowds. If you are lucky you might run into friends or even meet new acquaintances.

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Returning home you will be refreshed and invigorated. Your garden will look beautiful to your eyes and you will probably be a little less critical of your work. You will notice your own garden in a new light. New ideas and plans will bounce around in your thoughts and answers to problem areas might just jump forward. With a rested body and a stimulated brain you’ll be off to the races. Home gardening full steam ahead!

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