21 DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

21-DIY-Projects-for-Vertical-Gardens with Sensible Gardening

Everyone loves the idea of vertical gardens and with so many unique ideas for growing upwards, it’s possible for all gardeners to enjoy. Large or small scale, in the ground or in containers, vertical gardening is available to anyone who enjoys growing. I’ve gathered up a collection of ideas and projects from my Hometalk pals to show just how easy…

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Vertical Gardens

The Vertical Garden with Sensible Gardening

Everyone is talking about vertical gardening. Gives you the impression that this is something new and inventive, but growing upwards has been going on forever. Give it a new name and what’s old becomes new. Regardless of your gardening space, everyone can create a more interesting garden by going vertical. You can utilize the concept of growing vertically in both the…

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