Colour Our World Orange

Colour our World Orange at Sensible Gardening

Colour our world orange is fitting for October. The fall blesses us with many richly toned jewel colours, of which orange is one. I confess this is not my favourite colour, yet nature has a way of making even me enjoy it in the garden. Enjoy the posts below, we have orange cooking, decor and gardening: Blooming Secrets takes you for…

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Growing Pumpkins

Chocolate Dipped Grapes at Sensible Gardening and Living

Before long it will be pumpkin time again in our neck of the woods. Pumpkin plants are one kind of tough skinned winter squash that has been given a life of its own with Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Every fall we decorate our homes and children spend countless hours creating and carving jack-o’-lanterns. As a food source the pumpkin plant are…

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