Growing a Cut Flower Garden

Growing a CutFlower Garden with Sensible Gardening

Nothing beats having fresh flowers throughout your house. Grocery store bouquets get quite expensive after awhile and should maybe be saved for the winter months. It’s very easy to have your own cutting garden where you can grow and harvest beautiful flowers all summer. How to Plant a Cutting Garden Find a full sun position in your garden. Most cutting…

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Fantasy Friday Three

Hydrangea Blooms at Sensible Gardening and Living

The Flowers of Paris Cutting fresh flowers from the garden to bring indoors or buying a few at the market or garden center to bring home, they are all lovely. Whether tossed nonchalantly into a jar or arranged with great care and precision, they are all beautiful. But… some bouquets are a little more perfect and fanciful than others, that’s…

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A Bunch of Flowers

Indoor Blooms at Sensible Gardening and Living

With so many beautiful blooms gracing our gardens right now it’s time to bring some fresh cut flowers indoors. If you’ve planted a cutting garden you have lots of fresh flowers to choose from, otherwise pick and choose from your flower beds and don’t be shy. It often seems hard to pick flowers from our well studied beds but a…

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