Create a Bouquet Garden

Grow a Bouquet Garden with Sensible Gardening

One of the many pleasures and advantages of growing your own flower garden is the ready resource of flowers for bringing indoors. A walk around the garden with a pair of snips and you have the makings for a beautiful bouquet of your own creation for a modest cost. Any flower, leaf or stem can be used in floral bouquets…

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Decorating with Flowers ~ A Book Review

Decorating with Flowers

If there was ever a picture book of fresh flower decor and decorating, “Decorating with Flowers” is it. Written by R.Caballero and E. Reyes and photographed by L. Tettoni this is truly a beautiful coffee table stlye book. I’m always on the lookout for a book of inspiration, and this is such a book, to be appreciated by gardeners and…

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