Creative Fence Updates

Easy Creative Updates for your Unsightly Garden Fence with Sensible Gardening. If you are not liking your fence very much, you can easily and frugally change it for the better by getting creative with simple materials.

Many a garden, especially those in urban areas, are surrounded by a fence of some sort. Many fences are very attractive and other not so much and could benefit with DIY creative fence updates. Gardeners usually inherit the garden fence from previous owners. Fences are a major expense in the garden and it is often not possible to tear one…

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Rosa Alchymist / A Rose of Many Colours

Rosa Alchymest at Sensible Gardening and Living

Alchymist is an older variety of rose hybridized in 1956. The root word alchemy in its name refers to its colouring which changes with certain weather conditions. It’s a bit like have several different roses on the same shrub. Generally the outer petals tend to be yellow  and the inner petals are pink. This tends to make the flower appear…

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