Expensive Junk / Birdbath turns Planter

Re-purpose a bird bath into a garden planter with Sensible Gardening

Yes, we all have some. You bite the bullet on something special only to find out that it’s not what it’s all cracked up to be. Or in this case it is, cracked I mean. Several years ago I bought and paid a premium price on a cement bird bath. Very nice piece, classy looking and definitely a great addition…

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Shears for pruning and making topiaries at Sensible Gardening and Living

The art of topiary, and yes it is indeed an art dates back at least to Roman times.  Topiary is the trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs to such a degree that their natural shape is hugely altered. Practiced for centuries and years to learn most people keep their distance at trying it. No one says you have to…

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