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I’m a bit miffed. When I first saw this new Calibrachoa hybrid advertized I was really attracted to it. I love yellow and this one with the white stripes really appealed to me, so on my list of plants to try it went. I first saw it at one of our larger local nurseries but noticed that most of the blooms on the plant were just a solid yellow, with a sprinkling of others that had the white stripes.

A bit later I ran across it again and took note that they too were mostly solid yellow blooms. I thought perhaps the flowers would come true as the plant matured but then decided I didn’t really trust my theory. The result is that the plants stayed on the bench at the nursery and did not come home with me. I’m rather disappointed ┬áto see this. I’m also curious if anyone else has taken a look at this new introduction and what are you discovering? I’d love to hear your reactions.