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Seems like all I do right now is weed. With the moist warmer spring air it’s not only the garden plants that are growing, so are the weeds. I do mulch as much as possible but weeds are tenacious and for about a month every spring we battle it out. Our garden is surround by several acreas of virgin land so there is an abundance of weed seeds to keep settling over our garden.

Sensible Gardening and Living
Sensible Gardening and Living

I refuse to use round-up or other chemicals which leaves me to old fashioned remedies. That mostly consists of yours truly on the ground using my fingers. It may appear tedious to others but I find it to be really quite relaxing. I get right down in the dirt to save my back, and feel like a kid playing in the dirt just like old times. Just me and the weeds is very peaceful and a great time for dreaming and reflecting on my life.

I also use my handy  small loop hoe which does a fabulous job after the first round of removing anything large is done. I use the hoe daily throughout the season to keep things in check. I really could not handle my rather large garden space without it.

Once I’ve completed an area I get a great sense of satisfaction in how well it looks, call me simple but it feels good! For our gravel paths and driveway my system does not work as well. I’ve gone through many pairs of gloves rooting out weeds in the rocks. I make up a solution with vinegar and spray those areas, seems to work quite well.

Home Made Weed Killer:

2 cups of vinegar

1 T liquid soap

1 T salt

Combine the above and place in a spray bottle. For large areas double or triple the recipe and use a larger sprayer. Be mindful that this solution will kill all plants so use with care around any plantings or containers.

I find that a continual round robin approach to weeding the garden works best. A little time spent each day keeps things looking great and the the job under control. As our hot dry season progresses the weeds back off a bit, at least until next spring.

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