Spring Garden Cleanup

Spring has finally arrived and with it comes a busy time, spring garden cleanup. I’m alway glad that I did as much fall cleanup as I could because it sure makes the spring workload easier.  Over the years I’ve developed a system for the spring clean up to help it move along as easily as possible. Here is my game plan.


  1. While I’m waiting for the soil to dry out, I enter my garden shed. It gets a good all around clean up and reorganization. This gives me a chance to see what tools and supplies are needed to be replaced or replenished.
  2. First thing is to make a trip to my garden centre and purchase those things I will need to start the season. I pay special attention to insure I have a good pair of sharp gardening snips and gloves without holes.
  3. Next,  drag out all the hoses and hook them up to the house taps. I gather up all the sprinklers and nozzles and test them out to make sure they are working without any leaks.
  4. The ornamental grasses are the first plants to come down. I leave them in the fall as they enhance the winter garden so much. Tie a string or chord around the base of the grass then use large shears to cut just below the string. Easy as pie to lift the cut stems and carry them off to the compost.
  5. Any perennials that were left in the fall are now cut right down to the ground and all debris is taken to the compost.
  6. Roses are next, with all black dead wood pruned down to the bottom.
  7. Since I grow a lot of Iris, all the dead old leaves and stalks are removed from the base of the plants. I also do this with the Daylilies.
  8. The entire garden gets a light raking to pick up any winter leaves, branches, pine needles or other debris. This always gives the garden beds a fresh look. Be mindful though of any new growth or bulbs that are starting to grow.

And Finally

  1. If I mounded any plants up in the fall for protection with mulch I  remove it from the base of the plants and spread it around the garden bed.
  2. Finally I give my small patch of grass a thorough raking. I set up my lawn chairs  and table under the London Plane tree. I’m now ready to relax and plan what I’m going to grow new this year and plan on how I will decorate my deck pots. With your spring garden cleanup completed,  Let the season begin!

Spring garden cleanup with Sensible Gardening

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