SO…Just what is Sensible Gardening?

What is Sensible gardening with Sensible Gardening and Living

I’ve had few people ask me what I mean by sensible gardening and why I chose to name my blog Sensible Gardening. Quite simple really, sensible gardening is gardening with a sensible approach. I’ve come up with 10 requirements or garden practice tips that I feel are needed for sensible gardening.

Lilac Bush
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Know Your Site

Every garden has it’s own micro-climate and conditions, the more you know what they are and accept the limitations of them, the easier it will be to garden. By accepting your site as nature gave you will learn to work within those winning boundaries. No point trying to put a square peg into a round hole. I believe the catch phrase for this now is “Sustainable Gardening”

Know Your Limits

Gardening is a very physical activity and regardless of how young you are, you are not getting any younger.  Only prepare and plant a garden that you can realistically look after. Your challenge may be time, strength or even finances. Stay within your comfort zone and your garden will be a pleasure not a burden.

Know Your Plants

Educate yourself at every possible chance. Read books, magazines, blogs and watch videos. The more you know about which plants will grow in your site and how to care for them the less failure you will have. Success makes for a happy gardener.

Have a Few Good Tools

The gardening market in inundated with new and improved everything. Focus on an a handful of well made tools that work for you and stick with them. Be sure to take care of them as well so they last you many years.

Accept Imperfection 

Glorious pictures of perfect gardens fill our minds on a daily basis, but realize that this is flowers Hollywood style. In reality nature is not so perfect. Allow your garden to have some faults and imperfections.

Share Your Garden with Nature’s Creatures

Your garden cannot exist in it’s own bubble. The more you learn to share it with natural predators and pollinators the easier your job will be. Your garden will also have more life and be more interesting.

Garden Organically 

Using chemicals is not only expensive but can be stressful. If you keep a healthy, diverse garden there should be no need for their use. There are many excellent organic products and methods to deal with problems.  If a problem is persistent, remove the offender and plant something else.

One Thing at aTime

A garden is never really, totally finished. It is an ongoing project. Don’t expect it to be completed over night.  Choose a couple of projects to complete each season and you will feel a greater sense of satisfaction than if you have several ongoing, unfinished projects in the air.

Make Time for Relaxation

All work and no play makes for a grumpy gardener. Make the time to sit and enjoy your hard work and if that means leaving a few weeds behind. Share your garden with friends and family.

Keep it Simple

Big and fancy is not always better. The more complicated a garden becomes the harder it is to care for. Stay within your personal boundaries.

I try to garden by these principles the best I can. I never want my gardening to become a hardship, I claim it should continue to be fun all season, every season.




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  1. I agree with all those things, and I think the one I use the most is ‘plant for your climate and conditions’. As a new gardener, many years ago, I used to buy plants which were totally unsuitable/ plant them in unsuitable plants, and watch them die ! They were doomed !

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