Snow in Summer growing at Sensible Gardening and Living

No not really, but when Ceerastium tomentosum is blooming it almost looks like that. It definitely lives up to its name. From late spring to early summer this plant is covered with pretty, white flowers and makes for a beautiful ground cover.

Snow-in summer only gets about 6 inches tall creating mounds of soft, woolly, silver foliage. It will also grow in less than ideal conditions doing very well in poor soil, on hot, dry, windy sites.

Sensible Gardening and Living
Sensible Gardening and Living

Being a spreader it can be used to spill over walls, as a ground cover or as an edger in borders. You can use it in rock gardens but unless you keep it in check it can be rather invasive and take over the whole show.

Some gardeners find it to be too fast of a spreader, but placed in an area where it can have the freedom to move it is a great plant. It also spreads by rooting wherever the stems touch the soil, so by using a good layer of mulch you can slow it down a bit.

After it has finished blooming shear off the faded flowers to encourage new growth. This will also prevent the flowers from going to seed and help to keep the plant from spreading. Easy to grow and best in full sun for premium blooms. Extremely drought tolerant and deer resistant.

A great plant if in the right location, a possible headache if not.

Plant Pros: easy to grow / fast spreader  / striking white flowers / deer resistant

Plant Cons: can be invasive / looks a bit messy if not sheared after blooming

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