Say Good-bye to Mosquitoes

Normally we have very few problems with mosquitoes in our area, but this year has been an exception. For what ever reason these little monsters are doing very well and can quickly ruin an evening sit on the veranda.    You can buy many different commercial products to deter them however none of these are agreeable to my senses. In an effort to help fix the problem I chose instead to plant a few containers with mosquito repelling plants.

The trick is to keep these containers close by to where you most like to sit. Too far out in the garden and they will not be effective. Place them where you can touch and rub the leaves and flowers to increase the repelling properties.

The best plants to choose are those with strong smelling flowers or leaves. Similar to deer and other critters, mosquitoes do not like these stronger scents. A few flowers and many herbs fall into this group.


CATNIP is effective as long as you like cats. It could attract neighbouring felines. 

CITRONELLA GRASS will need a larger container to grow to a good size. It also works well a centre piece plant. Sometimes called lemon grass.

LAVENDER is not only effective but also beautiful in a container. Give it lots of sun and be gentle with the water. Expect to be visited by honey bees.

Mosquito repelling plants with Sensible Gardening

OREGANO can be used in the kitchen as well as a great seasoning.

Mosquito repelling plants with Sensible Gardening

LEMON BALM has a fresh scent when rubbed. I love the smell. Makes a wonderful tea, hot or cold.

Mosquito repelling plants with Sensible Gardening

BASIL is another great herb to cook with. Keep picking the leaves to encourage more growth.

Mosquito repelling plants with Sensible Gardening

MARIGOLDS are not my favourite flower but they are colourful and easy to grow. If they help to get rid of the mosquitoes they can stay. Keep them dead headed for more blooms.

FEVERFEW is another flower that you can grow in a pot or in the ground near the patio. It grows into nice clumps of small white daisy like flowers and is perennial.

Mosquito repelling plants with Sensible Gardening

Mosquito repelling plants with Sensible Gardening


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