Red Hot Mamas

The use of colour is a very powerful tool in everything, including gardening. Different colours emote different reactions and feelings from the observer. Some people are attracted to the softer tones of pastels while others enjoy the bright and in your face colours.

Red Hot Mamas in the garden with Sensible Gardening. Red flowers are real show stoppers!

Red is a very strong colour and makes a bold statement in flower beds. Mother nature has blessed us with many different red flowers to choose from, and it is not a coincidence that many insects and birds are also attracted to the red spectrum. Here is a showcase of some of the red flowers I grow, all of which are easy to find and easy to grow.

Red Poppies (doubles) give a red kickstart to the garden in early spring. These look best in a mass planting and will self seed themselves for the following year.


The double bloomed Red Fern Leaf Peony is gorgeous. Not only are the full blooms striking but the fern like foliage is also very attractive.


Bright red Begonias make for a knockout hanging basket. Creates a loud shout of colour in the darker, shady parts of the yard.

red begonia Sensible Gardening

Start the season in Spring with a knockout display of Red Tulips.

Red Tulips at Sensible Gardening

It is no wonder the bees and hummingbirds are attracted to bright red Monarda (bee balm). How could they miss it?


Amaranthus is not only a giant but a colourful one at that. Ideal as a specimen plant.


The list of red Daylilies is very long but here are a few of my favourites. Large clumps of these literally stop you in your tracks as you walk around the garden.

Forever Redeemed


American Chief


Spider Man


Kent’s Favourite Two


For northern gardeners the Amaryllis is usually an indoor plant but wow, this one bloomed for me right after Christmas. Perfect timing.


Nothing is more romantic than a Red Rose. What about a whole bush full of them.

Red rose bush at Sensible Gardening

Red Peonies give the northern garden a tropical feel.

Red Peony at Sensible Gardening

A display of Red Zinnias will leave you speechless!

Red Zinnia at Sensible Gardening

A red hot Bouquet for the adventurous bride. I love it!


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Red Hot Mamas in the garden with Sensible Gardening. Red flowers are a real show stopper in the garden.

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