Pumpkin Projects

Pumpkins are really fun to grow if you have the space. There is just something about pumpkins that make you smile, even if they’ve been carved into scary faces. If you have had a successful harvest you might be wondering what to do with them all.

Crafting with Pumpkins at Sensible Gardening.

You can only eat so much pumpkin pie and by tomorrow Halloween pumpkin jack o lanterns will be in the past. I’ve gathered up a few ideas that you might find interesting and worthwhile to use up your abundance.

The meat of the pumpkin is delicious and nutritious. You can make pumpkin pies, pumpkin loafs or cakes, pumpkins cookies, pumpkin soup and pumpkin jam. For a healthy treat try making pumpkin fruit rolls.


Easy Pumpkin Fruit Rolls

1 small pumpkin (meat only) chopped and cooked until soft then pureed in blender to create sauce

Add to above 1/2 cup of liquid honey, 1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and mix well

Spread puree evenly on a parchment lined cookie sheet

Preheat oven to 275F and bake 35 minutes

Turn oven off, leave door closed letting pumpkin dry for 8 to 10 hours

Roll fruit up and cut into 1 inch strips

Pumpkin Flower Vase

Cut top of pumpkin and remove seeds and wipe clean. Paint your pumpkin, stencil a design or carve an image. Place a drinking glass of water inside the pumpkin and add flowers


Pumpkin Candles

If you have very small mini pumpkins cut off the top about 1/3 down and clean well. Place a single votive in the pumpkin. Set a grouping of your pumpkin candles on the table.


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Remove the seeds from your pumpkin and wash with cold running water in a strainer (about 2 cups). Spread seeds onto a cookie sheet and allow to air dry. Place seeds into a bowl and sprinkle seeds with salt and 2 teaspoons of melted butter or vegetable oil, mix well. Return seeds to cookie sheet in a single layer and place in a 300 F degree oven for about 45 minutes or until golden brown. Stir occasionally. Let cool and enjoy your roasted seeds.


Pumpkin Facial Mask

Pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A and C and contain enzymes that refreshen  skin

Combine 2 cups of pureed cooked fresh pumpkin with 4 T of plain yogurt, 4 T liquid honey, 1/3 cup of ground almonds and 1/4 t of olive oil

Apply mixture to clean, moist skin  for 5 to 10 minutes

Remove with a soft washcloth and apply moisturizer

Leftover mask can be stored in the fridge for 1 week

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Crafting with Pumpkins at Sensible Gardening

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