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Potted Herbs with Sensible Gardening. How to grow herbs in pots.

Herbs are great in containers. With such a wide variety of decorative foliage and delicate flowers a patio or deck can be transformed from boring to attractive and functional.

Potted Herbs with Sensible Gardening. How to grow herbs in pots.

With so many deer in our garden space I had to give up trying to grow my herbs in the garden and flower borders. There was just too much nibbling going on. By growing them in pots, I now have them on the veranda close to the kitchen door. They are not only safer there but are also extremely convenient for the cook.


You can use any type of container you want, at least 6 inches or larger. Use regular terra cotta or plastic flower pots, wooden boxes, enamel basins, baskets, barrels or even a colander. The only real requirement is that your container should have holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

Use fresh, nutrient rich potting soil, organic if possible. Give your pots a good cleaning, fill with soil and get ready to plant. If your nursery plants are slightly root bound, gently loosen the roots at the bottom of the soil ball. Set your nursery plants at the same level or slightly deeper than they were in the nursery pots. Water thoroughly.


Suitable herbs for growing in pots are chives, parsley, sage, oregano, rosemary, bay tree and tarragon. When growing the more invasive herbs such as lemon balm, mint and oregano the containers will prevent them from smothering other plants. Such containers can even be potted right into the garden if you wish.


Herbs for Sunny Pots (these herbs can take full sun)

oregano / sage / rosemary / lavender / parsley / chives / basil




Herbs for Partial Shade Pots

lemon balm / mint / catnip / feverfew


Growing Tips for Potted Herbs

Be sure to use your herbs regularly and keep them well pinched. When you regularly pinch 2 to 3 inches off the tips, your plants will remain nice and bushy. Pinching also prevents your herbs from flowering and going to seed.

Fertilize your herbs around every 3 weeks with diluted fish fertilizer or other organic fertilizer. Over fertilizing will give you lots of green leaves but without much taste or fragrance.

Water consistently and do not let your pots dry out.

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Potted Herbs with Sensible Gardening. How to grow herbs in pots.

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