Pond Sites

Choosing a site for your garden pond with Sensible Gardening and Living

Most gardeners install a backyard pond or water feature for it’s aesthetic qualities, therefore there is no right or wrong regarding a garden pond design nor it’s placement in your yard. When you decide to build your own pond your main concern should be to place it where it will most enhance your landscape. If you like to be right near the water place it near to your deck or  close to the house. If you want to create a secluded secret area, build it at the back of the yard or around a corner at the end of a pathway. If your goal is to attract wildlife build natural looking garden ponds and place them far enough away from the house so your visitors will be comfortable. You can even place it in the front yard by the door for great street appeal.

Garden Pond / Sensible Gardening and Living

Your pond can be in sun or shade however if you are wanting to grow pond plants, many require a good dose of sun, especially those that flower. A rule of thumb is they will need a minimum of 6 hours sunlight per day. Tall trees near the pond that could cast shade on your plants should be planted on the north side. Place your pond so that it looks comfortable in your garden, as though it naturally belongs there. If you prefer a pond in the shade there are marginal plants for shade such as flag iris, arum or marsh marigold. You can also make use of shade loving plants around the borders The use of ferns, hosta, primrose, ligularia and astilbe can be extremely effective.

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There are some plants and trees that are best left out of your pond area. Many large deciduous trees have root systems that can interfere with your construction and leaves that when drop are messy and foul the water. Their decomposing is not good for fish if you plan on adding this element to your pond. Other trees such as oak, pines and maple leaves release an acid into the water which can be toxic to fish.

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Locate your pond near a water source for easy filling and cleaning. You will also need a near by power source for a circulating pump or perhaps pond lights. With these thoughts in mind spend time analyzing your yard to find the most appropriate site for your pond, before you lift the shovel. There are many sources for pond design ideas once your site has been secured.