Plants and Air Pollution

In a perfect world we would all be living in an ideal setting with ideal conditions. In realty though, many gardeners live in towns, cities and industrial areas. With this comes air pollution. Some plants are quite susceptible to the negative effects of air pollution but others are more tolerant.

Gardening with Air Pollution at Sensisble gardening. Perennials tolerant of air pollution.

If you are gardening with air pollution, try some of these proven perennials.


Goldenrod (Solidago): A hardy zone 3 plant for the mid or back border. With sturdy, densely leafed stems it blooms in late summer with branched clusters of bright deep yellow or lemon-yellow flowers.


Aster x frikartii Monch: An amazing aster that blooms from mid summer straight through to frost. Forms large clumps of striking daisy like lavender flowers with bright yellow centers. Easy to grow and hardy to zone 5.


Musk Mallow (Malva moschata): Bushy and tall at 3 feet high. Lovely spikes of saucer shaped pink, satiny blooms in summer. After flowering cut plants back for a second flush of flowers.If you love hollyhocks but don’t have the room to grow them, try checker mallow.


Cornflower (Centaurea montana): Blooms for most of the summer with large white or cobalt blue flowers. They will grow well in poor, hot, dryer soils. To keep plants compact cut back after their first bloom. Seldom bothered by pests or disease.


Lupins: These are a somewhat short lived perennial and bloom in blue, purple, red, pink, yellow and white. Tall spikes up to 3 feet high with tightly packed flowers. Good for mass plantings or the back of the border and are fairly drought tolerant, however dislike acidic soil.


Gayfeather (Liatris spicata): Tall, spiky blooms are very showy in purple or white. Flower buds open from the top first and move down the stem. Liatris is drought tolerant and will sometimes self seed. An excellent cut flower for bouquets.


Other air pollution tolerant plants are:

Yarrow (achillea) / Ajuga / Masterwort (Astrantia major) / Bleeding Heart (Dicentra) / Echinops / Monarda / Persicaria / Potentilla / Rudbeckia


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Gardening with Air Pollution at Sensible Gardening. Perennials tolerant of air pollution.

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