Picture Perfect

Taking good floral pictures in the garden is not that easy. There are so many variables that you have no control over. We are fortunate to now have digital cameras that we can click as much as we want trying to get that perfect shot. Also with many computer photo software programs we can fix our mistakes.

Sensible Gardening and Living
Sensible Gardening and Living

There area a few basic flower photography tips that if you follow will get you started on the right track for your floral photos.

Tips On Photography: 

Direct Light is too harsh. It’s best to take your photos on an overcast day. You can also try early morning or early evening. If you take pictures at night with a flash you get a nice dark background to your subject which can be quite effective.

Angles of shots are important. When photographing flowers crouch down and take your picture looking up, slightly above eye level with the bloom.

Include an insect in your picture. A bee pollinating a flower or a lady bug on a stroll all add interest.

Add Texture to the petals by spraying a fine mist of water with a spray bottle onto the flower. The water droplets will add interesting effects.

Groom your subject and the surrounding area. Choose your best blossoms, remove any dead flowers, buds, leaves or stems. Check for hoses or other unsightly items in your background and remove.

Avoid windy days. It is very difficult to get a good photo when your flowers are waving in the breeze. Try to choose a calm day.

Use the best camera the budget will allow. Todays cameras can do a lot for you. They often make up for skills the photographer lacks.

Be patient. Practice makes perfect. Pick out your best shots and let the rest go. Over time you will notice a marked improvement in your daily shots.