Petunia’s Boyfriend

We have so many deer around here in our garden that we are starting to name them. One small female , who we are sure is pregnant, has eaten all my petunias so aptly we have named her Petunia. Petunia also has a very handsome boyfriend that stays by her side a lot of the time. I’m not quite sure what their relationship is but he is very determined to be close to her.

Here he is resting under the mock orange bush in the shade, looking very comfortable I might add.



He found a bit a shade right by the back door. I was having breakfast but he doesn’t care for Honey Bunches of Oats!

When I opened the door he decided he should maybe mosey on before I started charging him rent.


Petunia hereself has disappeared over the last 2 days, I fully expect to see her return with babes in arms. I’ll keep you posted.

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