Peachy Flowers are really “Peachy Keen”

The colour peach, not quite yellow and not quite orange. Somewhere in between and beautiful. The colour of a tasty soft fruit or a faded sunset or sunrise. Lucky for us the colour peach is also found in many different flowers. If you enjoy peach in your garden, mix it with blues and purples for a stunning effect.

Peach Flowers with Sensible Gardening. Lots of choices!

Rose Alchemyst is a gorgeous climbing rose changing to different tones of peach from bud to flower.


Hollyhocks are a giant perennial growing up to 8 feet tall, and covered in masses of blooms most of the summer.


Dwarf German Iris ‘Elysium’ is very hardy and blooms early in the spring.


Rose ‘Marilyn Munro’ is not only a gorgeous tone of peach but has spectacular form and shape. (Good name for this one)


Daylily ‘Peach Magnolia’ is a superb double bloomed daylily.


Tall Bearded Iris  This variety has a peach center with a contrasting golden edge.


Daylily ‘Madge Case’ is another very pretty peach toned daylily.


Dahlia flowers come in many different shapes and sizes.

Peachy Flowers with Sensible Gardening

Hibiscus are beautiful small shrubs for outdoor or indoor gardens.

Peachy Flowers with Sensible Gardening

Tulip bulbs are great for the spring garden.

Peachy Flowers with Sensible Gardening

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Peach Flowers with Sensible Gardening. Lots of choices!

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