#PB Colour Our World Brown

Colour our World Orange at Sensible Gardening

Where does the time go? Here we are already at the end of November with Christmas just around the corner! This month we have chosen to feature the colour brown. Not my favourite colour, but brown is a staple neutral tone and one found in nature and gardening in multiple ways.

Colour our World Orange at Sensible Gardening

Our group called Project Beautiful has created a series of posts for you to enjoy, so dig in:

Susan from Blooming Secrets writes about Brown-The Natural Colour, how as our gardens go through the seasons brown is all around us. Did you know there were Chocolate Sunflowers?


Teri at The Freshman Cook will show you how to Decorate Acorn Sugar Cookies. They almost look too good to eat!


Lee at A Guide to NorthEastern Gardening shares The Many Shades of Brown with the changing garden. Brown in nature can be beautiful.


Terri of Our Good Life will show you how to make Homemade Cough Drops, and yes they are brown.


Kim is in the kitchen at Day to Day Adventures cooking up a storm preparing Brown Bag Low Carb Freezer Chimichangas. Get the kids in there helping you.


Karen from Garden Chick wrote Turn a Brown Garden Green. Lots of information for growing cover crops.


Yours truly wrote about Chocolate Brown Gardening where  you are introduced to many wonderful plants you can grow to embrace the colour brown to add a dash of mystery to your garden.

Using Chocolate Brown plants in your garden to add style with Sensible Gardening.