Late Fall in the Northern Garden

As the weeks tic by fall is slowly turning into winter. A few hard frosts have come and gone, snow was or still is on the ground and temperatures are brisk. More and more time is spent indoors, yet there are still a few things to do around the garden to ensure everything survives to greet us again in the spring. Here is my final list of fall garden tips for this gardening year for zones 3 through to 7.

10 Tips for Late Fall Gardening with Sensible Gardening


  •  Rake up all the remaining leaves that have fallen and add them to your compost pile. If possible shred them first.

Fall gardening tips with Sensible Gardening

  • Remove any garden stakes and plant supports, clean and store away for next year.
  • Winterize your garden by making sure your perennials and herbs are well mulched. This will help to prevent frost heave.

Fall garden tips with Sensible Gardening

  • For young trees place a tree guard around the trunk to prevent winter sun damage and bark cracking. You can also wrap the trunks with a light coloured tree wrap from the base up to just below the first branches. The tree guards will also give protection against small rodents.
  • If you have evergreens and are concerned about winter drying, apply an anti-desiccant spray at this time. These sprays are made of vegetable wax and can reduce evaporation by as much as 80%. Each spray will last for about 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Gather up all your tools one last time and sharpen, clean and oil before storing them away.

Fall garden tips with Sensible Gardenin

  • Once your ground is frozen mound soil or mulch 6 inches over the bud union of your grafted rose bushes. Another reason to plant only own-root roses.
  • Winterize garden tender shrubs and small trees by setting up winter shelters from cold winds. Burlap shelters work well as do large cardboard boxes, although not as attractive.

Fall garden tips with Sensible Gardening

  • Secure climbing roses and vines to their supports to prevent winter breakage.
  • Finish cutting back those perennials that you prefer to cut down before winter.

Your last task will be to jot down anything about your garden that your want to alter or improve while these thoughts are still relatively fresh in your mind. Make note of this year’s successes as well as failures so you don’t repeat them. Use these notes over the winter as you sit and dream over magazines and catalogues to inspire you for next season.

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10 Tips for Late Fall Gardening with Sensible Gardening

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