Late Blooming Daylilies

Late Blooming Daylilies at Sensible Gardening and Living

Right around this time most gardeners feel their garden is in a bit of of a slump.  Summer blooms are fading fast and it is still a bit early for the fall colour and asters to take center stage. There are many fall blooming perennials though that bloom in late summer and daylilies are one of them. Daylilies begin to bloom in early July, go all out throughout July and early August and some cultivars continue to bloom in late August right into September. Walking around our farm I was delighted to see just how many perennial fall flowers were  blooming and so thought I would share a couple with you. The trick is to plant the varieties that bloom in the late season. Once again, do your homework. Fall perennials such as daylilies can really extend your garden season.


Jersey Spider is an award winning daylily hybridized by Grovatt in 1973. A stunning 8 inch flower on tall 46 inch scapes. Gorgeous.

Jersey Spider / Sensible Gardening and Living


Brown Witch, a favorite of mine, was hybridized in 1999 by Reed. A beauty at 36 inches tall and a 6 inch bloom. A real interesting spider variety.


Brown Witch / Sensible Gardening and Living

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