Last Minute Garden Gifts

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With just a few weeks left before Christmas most of us probably have the bulk of our gift shopping completed. However, every year the need arises for a few last minute gifts. Home crafted gifts are wonderful and well appreciated, and if you can use supplies from your own garden all the better.

Sensible Gardening and Living
Sensible Gardening and Living

If you collected seeds from your garden place them in small envelopes that you decorate. Be sure to give the full name of the plant, a description of the plant and how to grow it. Several of the packages placed in an attractive basket makes a wonderful gift from your garden.

If you live with pine trees gather and clean a bucket full of pine cones and make a Christmas wreath. Easy to do using a craft store form. Attach your cones along with other natural materials such as dried flowers, or add decorative balls and ribbons.

For last minute gifts take a few jars of your homemade jam or preserves. Tie a fancy ribbon around the jar and attach a pretty card with one of your best recipes using the product.

Plant a few bulbs in an attractive container with decorative stones and gems. Decorate with ribbon or raffia and add a card with growing and care instructions.

Gather a bundle of dried flowers and arrange in a charming basket. You can spray the flowers with a fixative if you wish, hairspray works well too.

Stitch up sachet bags from lace, velvet and organza and fill with dried lavender flowers. Decorate with ribbons, beads, sequins or anything beautiful.

If you have an abundant apple harvest, core, slice and dry apples. Fill a bag and tie with ribbon for a nutritious and delicious gift.

Fill small plastic bags with your dried herbs. Select a few, tie together with ribbon and add one of your great recipes.

Using a small wooden box or metal container, create a miniature garden. All you need is some soil, a few mini plants and a bit of whimsey.