Indoor Plants for Hot Sunny Windows

Indoor Plants for hot, sunny windows at Sensible Gardening

All plants require light for survival, but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. South facing windows give at least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight a day. In summer season this light can become scorching and harmful to many plants.

Nature is however, always adaptable and there are some indoor plants that can withstand these intense conditions. A south window can create an environment not unlike a conservatory and not all plants will grow and thrive in the excessive light and heat.

Indoor Plants for hot, sunny windows at Sensible Gardening

If you want to grow houseplants near such a hot window and be successful try growing some of the selected varieties below. All of these will tolerate the rays without a great deal of fussing on your part.


Of course, desert plants are used to hot burning sun and heat. An easy to care for group of plants, that can become a collectors item. Grouped together they can be very effective in the home.

Cacti at Sensible Gardening

Flowering Cacti at Sensible Gardening

Cacti at Sensible Gardening


Another large group of plants with many types to choose from. They are ideal for a hot window and are very long lived. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Aloe Vera is an easy one to find and grow. Also try Kalanchoe which bloom in bright colours for a long time.

Aloe Vera at Sensible Gardening

Kalanchoe at Sensible Gardening

Succulents at Sensible Gardeniing


Just as they do in your outside garden, geraniums adapt to strong sun very well. Geraniums will bloom on and off all year for fresh indoor colour.

Geraniums at Sensible Gardening

Geraniums in window at Sensible Gardening


A larger specimen green plant that adds to your decor. It loves the heat but will want to stay moist.

Umbrella Plant at Sensible Gardening


Another pretty plant to give you indoor blooms. Jasmine produces clusters of white flowers that are heavenly scented. Do not let this plant dry out.

Jasmine flowers at Sensible Gardening


This is another large specimen plant this is actually a small indoor tree. Find a spot and leave it be, when moved they will often go through a period of dropping their leaves. 

Weeping Fig at Sensible Gardening


A type of succulent, sometimes called Money Tree. A sturdy, easy care and long lived plant. Do not over water.

Jade Plant at Sensible Gardening


Large, colourful leaves that almost have a leathery texture. Prefers higher humidity so it will benefit from regular misting.

Joseph's Coat at Sensible Gardening


Love the bright lights and direct sun. Keep on the dryer side.  

Pony Tail Palm at Sensible Gardening

Palms at Sensible Gardening

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Indoor plants for hot, sunny windows at Sensible Gardening

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