Hummingbird Plants – More Choices

While reading up more on hummingbirds I discovered a few more plants that claim to be hummer favorites. They are not plants that I have associated with hummingbirds before but the more the better if they work. A few are not my favorite flowers, as in orange marigolds so I will probably pass on them. However I like verbena in containers and zinnias do well in my hot dry garden. I suspect when choosing some of these plants it’s important to be hummingbird color wise and stick to the bright reds, oranges and pinks.

Bee Balm / Sensible Gardening and Living
Bee Balm / Sensible Gardening and Living

Flowers for Hummingbirds:

Marigold – A real bright deep orange marigold such as “Moonsong”. The flower is said to be fade-resistant and a very rich orange tone. An easy plant to grow in full sun and to keep looking fresh and for lots of blooms deadheading is recommended.

Zinnia – Try “Magellan Coral”, for a clear bright-colored double coral bloom. Plants are nice and bushy and produce lots of blooms.

Verbena – “Quartze Burgundy” is an intense wine colored flower high in nectar. This cultivar has an improved resistance to mildew and should have a long season of bloom. A great plant to use in containers and hanging baskets.

Begonia – “Pin Up Flame” is a tuberous begonia which produces 4-5 inch single blossoms in a bright combination of deep yellow with scarlet and orange edges. Should bloom from summer straight through to fall and works well in containers for a shady cool spot.

Dianthus – A real long blooming performer is “Supra Purple”. Heat tolerant and bright magenta. Hummers will be attracted to the color and plentiful supply of blossoms throughout the entire season.

Cleome – “Sparkler Blush” is more closely branched than most Cleoms.  Loads of bright pink flowers attract not only hummingbirds but also bees and butterflies.

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