How to Transplant Seedlings (phase three)

How to Transplant Seedlings with Sensible Gardening

Once your seedlings have grown and matured into healthy, stalky, bushy starter plants, your next step will be to transplant them into your outdoor garden. When transplanting seedlings you will need to know what dates are suitable for which plants in your growing area. For most this will be after all danger of frost has passed.  Be sure to have the soil and area prepared to receive your new seedlings, by digging over the soil and adding compost or fertilizer if necessary.

How to Transplant Seedlings with Sensible Gardening


How to Transplant Seedlings with Sensible Gardening

  • On your planting day choose which seedlings you want to transplant and carry those seed trays out to the garden. Only take out those trays that you know you will be able to plant that day. Never leave any unplanted seedlings out in the garden overnight unprotected. Water your seed tray first as this will help with the removal of the seedlings from the tray or starter pot.
  • If you have used peat pots trim off the top edge, slit the pot on two sides and remove the bottom. When working with your seedlings always be careful not to disturb their delicate roots.

How to Transplant Seedlings with Sensible Gardening

  • Using a trowel, make a hole in the soil and fill with water. Allow the water to be absorbed by the soil. Set your seedling into the hole slightly deeper than it was in the starter tray or pot. Gently pat the soil around the plant to remove all air pockets.
  • If your plant will eventually need staking do it now, rather than disturb the plant later.
  • Lightly mulch around the base of the plant to discourage weeds and conserve moisture.
  • You should also label your plant at this time and mark the date of planting if you wish.
  • From here on continue to water, feed and weed your garden bed as required.

There is great satisfaction in enjoying mature plants that you have started yourself. Not to mention the greater choice of pant material and varieties you have by doing so. If you set out a lot of plants, you’ll also save a little cash.

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How to Transplant Seedlings with Sensible Gardening

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