How to Grow Annuals

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Annuals are not difficult to grow, but they do have a few basic requirements of climate and soil types. It will be important that you know what these needs are for each plant you grow in order to plant them in the right situation.

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You may be planning to sow some annual seeds directly into your garden soil, have already started your seedlings indoors or plan to purchase seedlings at your local nursery.

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Nursery Buying Tips for Annuals 

  • this is an opportunity to choose from a wide selection of different annuals
  • look for bright or dark green leaves, this is a sign of a healthy plant
  • plants should be well watered
  • look for short, stubby or bushy plants
  • choose a plant that is not already in bloom
  • check for diseases and pests, look for insects, stickiness, distorted leaves, blotches, holes and streaks
  • there should be no weeds in the pot
  • check roots to ensure the plant is not pot bound, or growing roots from out of the pot bottom
  • check root zone to be sure that adequate roots have developed to support the top growth
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Planting Tips for Annuals

  •  dig soil to depth of 8 inches to loosen, add organic matter such as compost if needed, annuals generally require a rich soil
  •  when you grow flowers remove any rocks or weeds from the soil
  • know your plant’s needs such as sun or shade, dry or wet
  • do not plant annual flowers in areas with root competition from trees
  • if you have very heavy clay soil grow annuals in raised beds
  • do not plant too close together, know your plant growing dimensions and space accordingly

Care Tips forAnnuals

  • keep beds well weeded, try a light mulch to help reduce weeds
  • if mulching do not place mulch right up to the plant stems as they may rot
  • water regularly, do not allow plants to dry out
  • stake annuals that will be tall and floppy
  • in early stages of growing annuals snip off flower buds to encourage branching for bushier plants

To keep your annuals looking great all season, fertilize them regularly with a compost tea or all purpose fertilizer. Pick your flowers often and deadhead the spent blooms. This will prevent your flowers from going to seed and encourage more blooms for your enjoyment.

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