How to Divide Daylilies (Free Plants)

Late August is a great time to divide your daylily plants. By then, most cultivars will have finished blooming for the current season. Each daylily cultivar has it’s own growing rate which also depends largely on the conditions it is being grown in. In a good growing environment most daylilies benefit from being divided every 3 to 5 years.

How to Divide Daylilies with Sensible Gardening Make free plants!


Dig up the entire clump of daylilies. Be sure to start digging a good foot from the centre of the plant and dig deep so as not to damage the roots.

Once the daylily is out of the ground, remove as much soil as possible from the roots. A few good bangs and strong shakes go a long way here. Use your fingers to gently pry away as much soil as possible.



Some Cultivars at this point will separate into individual daylily fans by simply plying them apart with your fingers. Others are not so co-operative. For the tough guys you may need to use a screw driver or small garden fork. Gentle force is what is required or else you will break the fans at the crown. For large overgrown clumps you will likely need to use a sharp spade or knife to cut through the sections.


Once your plant is separated into the size of re-plants you want, give them a good rinse with the hose and pick out any dead or damaged root material.

Cut the fans down to about 6 inches in length. It really is not necessary to root prune, although some people do.  You now have a new plant ready to plant in your garden.

Dividing daylilies keeps your plants blooming to their best advantage. It is also a way to start a new garden bed or improve upon an existing one. A great way to get FREE plants.

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How to Divide Daylilies with Sensible Gardening. Make free plants!

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