Growing Daylilies


Of all the flowers I grow , by far my passion is for daylilies. Often termed the perfect perennial, daylilies are hardy, easy to grow and amazingly beautiful and varied.

Daylilies are really an easy care perennial and a few basic routines go a long way.


When and How to plant daylilies:

Daylilies are best planted in spring or fall but can be planted almost any time during the growing season. When planting bare root daylilies work the soil to a depth of 12 in. Dig a hole larger than the root mass and make a mound in the center of the hole. Set your plant in the hole with the roots spread around the mound. The crown should be set no more than 1-2 inches below the soil surface. Cover roots with soil, pack lightly to remove any air pockets, then water. Finish filling in the soil . Place your daylilies in full sun or part shade (at least 6 hours of sun) and space 18-24 inches apart. Miniatures can be spaced 12-18 inches apart. Any good garden soil will do, however it must be well draining. Deep soak weekly until established, about 6-8 weeks.


Once established daylilies are quite drought tolerant, however adequate water during bud and flower time makes for more glorious blooms. An organic mulch in spring is beneficial. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers, a better blend is 5-20-25 or 6-12-12.


How to Groom your Daylilies:

A little time spent grooming your daylilies will make your garden more attractive. If you have timeĀ  remove the spent blooms and seed heads, as well as any damaged foliage. When your daylily has finished flowering cut off the spent scapes at ground level. Remove any dead foliage as it dies back in the fall. In early spring remove old dead foliage from around the daylily clump and clean debris away from the crown and trim. Compared to many other plants the daylily really is quite care free. Planting daylilies and their care requires a relatively small time commitment compared to other garden chores.

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