Gardening with Chocolate

Daylilies for fall bloom at Sensible Gardening and Living

I cannot seem to get away from chocolate. It follows me everywhere. I love chocolate, especially the rich dark bittersweet kind, but will pretty much accept it in any form. The one exception is white chocolate, I’m not sure why we really even call it chocolate.

Daylily 'Sweet Hot Chocolat' / Sensible Gardening and Living
Daylily ‘Sweet Hot Chocolat’ / Sensible Gardening and Living

I love gardening too, and unlike eating chocolate gardening is good exercise for my body and mind. Keeps me busy and keeps my hands and thoughts out of the chocolate bowl, or so I thought. Chocolate has now crept into my gardening life and made its presence know. There is no escape. There is a chocolate mint herb and cosmos chocolate scented beauty. There are more chocolate plants and brown flowers that one might imagine. Here is a sampling of chocolate gardening plants to grow, there are many more which I will share in a later post.

Eupatorium rugosa ‘Chocolate’

striking dark bronze leaves with contrasting clusters of white flowers

prefers shade and tolerates dry conditions

29 inches tall, spreader, zone 5

Hot Cocoa Rose

 floribunda rose for full sun with burgundy-red petals with brown undertones

3-4 feet tall and wide, zone 4, sweet spicy scent

Chocolate Vine (Akebia quinta)

a vigorous climber with purple or white flowers for full sun or part shade

chocolate scented, zone 5

Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus)

grown as an annual in full sun, 30 inches tall

zone 7, chocolate scent

Chocolate Flower (Berlandiera lyrata)

scented daisy like yellow flowers for full sun reaching 12 inches tall

North American native plant, zone 4

Chocolate Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium rugosum)

tall 5 foot plant with purple brown foliage and white flowers

attracts butterflies, full sun to part shade, zone 4

Daylily ‘Sweet Hot Chocolate’ (Hemerocallis)

mahogany-purple flower for full sun

24 inches tall, zone 3

Chocolate Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

an annual with rich golden brown petals on large heads

grows to 48 inches tall, full sun

Chocolate Ruffles Coralbells (Heuchera)

leaves emerge a coppery tone and change to chocolate-purple

white flowers, ruffled leaves, sun to part shade, zone 4

Chocolate Mint (Mentha)

bronze green leaves with fragrance of chocolate and peppermint

12 inches tall and an aggressive spreader

Chocolate Chip Ajuga

dark purple leaved ground cover with blue flowers

part shade, can tolerate lightly dry conditions

Chocolate Mint Scented Geranium (Pelargonium)

bright green leaves with dark chocolate center splotch

minty fragrance when brushed, zone 9

usually grown as an annual, grow to 3 feet tall

Chocolate Mint Coleus (Solenostemon scutelarioides)

dark brown-purple leaves, for sun or part shade

grown as an annual, move indoors, 30 inches tall

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