Garden Birds

Hatching Blue Birds at Sensible Gardening and Living

Of all the birds that visit our garden, the Robins always put on a good show. Early morning and evening sing songs, long leisurely baths in the pond and baby birds to watch. This mother Robin has nested quite low down in a pine shrub, overlooking the view side and next to a lilac bush. She knows what she’s doing. She also must know that there are never any cats here as her nest is rather low. She only has two eggs but I suspect they should be hatching any day now. Will keep you posted on their progress.

Baby Robins

Baby Robins / Sensible Gardening and Living
Baby Robins / Sensible Gardening and Living

The Blue Heron was here again tonight trying to get the fish in the pond.  Earlier in the season he managed to get our 2 biggest fish wich was very annoying. The pond has now been netted so I believe his is out of luck.  Wonderful to watch, looking very prehistoric as he flies over the house. Actually they almost spook me out at times:)

The Bluebirds are also nesting. Very private birds, unlike the noisy Robins. You have to be up pretty early to see them flying around. Appears to be only one pair this year. In a few days we will lift the roof and take a peak inside to see how many blue eggs there are. Usually around 5. The male bluebird makes a wonderful mate for the female, he is very doting and helps to take care of the kids too.