Teacup Bouquet

Part of the fun of growing flowers is having a wonderful assortment of blooms and greens for making bouquets. You can create a beautiful bouquet in just about anything that will hold water. One of my favourite things to use is a pretty tea cup. I love collecting small flowers to fill up a tea cup to the brim with colour and fragrance. A Teacup Bouquet is the bomb!

Teacup Bouquet with Sensible Gardening

While visiting our local garden club annual flower show last weekend, I particularly enjoyed the competition for floral arrangements in tea cups and tea pots. In the same vein as fairy gardens, the miniature teacup bouquet is simply delightful.

Teacup Bouquet with Sensible Gardening

What could be more charming.The pink roses painted on the tea cup have been duplicated in the bouquet, along with scented lavender. Alchemilla Mollis fills in the gaps with it’s striking chartreuse tones.

Teacup Bouquet with Sensible Gardening

My favourite! This teacup bouquet is a study in yellow and blues with a nice filling of green tones. I love the addition of a few sedums as well.

Teacup Bouquet with Sensible Gardening

Very romantic using a pewter tea pot. The dusty rose colours with a touch of silver blue is really complimentary.

Teacup Bouquet with Sensible Gardening

Just stunning I thought. The lavender mums and blue nigella all stuffed in amongst creamy white.  This teacup bouquet is definitely filled to the brim.

Teacup Bouquet with Sensible Gardening

A touch of oriental design in this little tea pot. Great use of hosta leaves as a foundation for the other flowers.


I’m sure most of us have some old tea cups hanging around, broken sets and hand me downs. If not you can always go to any thrift store or garage sale and find something appropriate.  These mini bouquets are great for table settings as they don’t interfere with the guests view of each other. Use 2 or 3 at the same time and if you are really energetic, give every place setting it’s own.

Below are a few suggestions for making your own teacup bouquet

  • I like to take the colours on the teacup and use them for my bouquet along with complimentary tones.
  • Green leaves and other greenery help to create a backdrop for the blooms.
  • To get you inspired I chose a few teacups and made a list of what flowers I think would be great to fill them with:

What would be more perfect than columbines, the same as painted on the cup. It would be fun to use purple and white columbines, rusty toned heleniums with a few sprigs of white baby’s breath.

Bold flowers for bold cups. Hosta leaves would work well along with deep red roses. I would then add what ever I could find that was a creamy yellow to add a dash here and there throughout the roses.

Soft butter yellow flowers and silver toned foliage. Roses, dog’s tooth violets, santolina, helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’, digitalis lutea. For silver there is lamb’s ears, artemesia, eryngium and senecio. Just let your imagination run wild.


Teacup Bouquet with Sensible Gardening. Beautiful examples for you to draw from. DIY flowering teacups.

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