Fantasy Friday Three

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The Flowers of Paris

Cutting fresh flowers from the garden to bring indoors or buying a few at the market or garden center to bring home, they are all lovely. Whether tossed nonchalantly into a jar or arranged with great care and precision, they are all beautiful. But… some bouquets are a little more perfect and fanciful than others, that’s just a fact of flower life.

My sister tours Paris regularly and sends me lovely pictures of what she sees on the streets of Paris on any given day of the week. I have to say that the skill with which the Parisians arrange their flowers is really outstanding. Their color combinations and use of plant material is probably the best I’ve ever seen. Every bouquet is a complete work of art.

I myself have not been to France but with the beautiful country side, wine shops and remarkable food and fashion, I can only imagine it would be a trip of a lifetime. So much beauty to be seen and enjoyed every day by just walking down the streets of the city.

Paris garden / Sensible Gardening and Living

How about a whole bouquet of orchids. Not just one plant but an armload full.


Could this be any prettier? The color tones have been craftily woven together right down to the edges on the foliage. This is really a masterpiece in flowers.


Looking at these beautiful flower arrangements gives me inspiration to work a little harder at my own. Next season I’m going to experiment using different plant material and flowers and pay more attention to the finer details of color and placement. From what I’ve observed in these pictures we could all learn a lot when it comes to flower art from the French.


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  1. The roses are wonderful. Are those anemones died blue? We were lucky enough to go to Paris for the first time last spring and we loved it.

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