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No matter how well you tended your summer planters there are no doubt a few that have seen better days. Many annuals used in our summer pots respond well to pruning and fertilizing and carry on right through to frost. Others however start to look tired. Any containers that were neglected are not looking their best to be sure and it is time for a bit of fall container gardening.


There is nothing worse than looking at half dead and dried up containers. Better to clean them up and store them away for next season. Or, you can rejuvenate the plantings fairly easily with a couple of fall container ideas to extend their beauty into the next season.

One way is to pick up several fall plants for container make overs.  Choose potted asters at your nursery and sink these pots and all into your container. Not usually very expensive they will perk up your containers with brilliant color. Other fall container plants to use are the ornamental cabbages, beautiful and different.

Ornamental Kale / Sensible Gardening and Living

If you have grown hydrangeas, statice, corn, sea lavender, sunflowers or any dried flowers use them to make outdoor floral arrangements in your pots. Empty your pots of soil and place a few rocks in the bottom for weight.  Fill to the brim with your harvested stalks.  An arrangement like this can last right up to Christmas if placed where it will not be bothered by too much wind.

Hydrangea Blooms / Sensible Gardening and Living

You can dress these pots up to celebrate the seasons as well. Think of harvest, Halloween and Christmas themes. If you plan to keep your containers planted through frost be sure they are frost free so as not to be damaged. Other containers should be emptied, cleaned and stored in a a frost free area. Galvanized tubs and wooden barrels make excellent year round planters. Before you know it will be the New Year and you’ll be planning on what you want to plant for next season’s container gardens.

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