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How to make a Fairy Garden with Sensible Gardening

Last year I made a couple of mini gardens in half barrels and loved the results. It was a lot of fun and they added a special charm to my garden. I’ve been meaning to make a Fairy Garden for the porch and finally got organized and did it.


How to make a Fairy Garden with Sensible Gardening


Fairy Gardens are everywhere and they can be simple or very elaborate. Of course you can now buy just about anything you might want to use for making one, but you can also have a great Fairy Garden using odds and ends you have in your craft and junk drawers.


I was gifted some lovely fairy pieces and added to them a bit of this and that that I had around the house. All you need is your imagination.

I used a galvanized container and filled it with good potting soil. Once watered I planted my small specimens, using Baby’s Tears and Dichondra “Emerald Falls”.



For a fairy house I purchased a small unfinished birdhouse for $1.50 and painted it celery green then glued on little decor rocks and twigs from the garden then added some moss.


I had a small slab of rock that looks like water, made a diamond wishing globe and gathered up a few pieces. The fun part was arranging the garden and giving my little fairy ornament a unique home.


The best part about fairy gardens is that you can always add to them or re-arrange the setting as you desire. It’s never really finished!


This would make a great gift for Mother’s Day and is suitable for indoors or out requiring very little space or maintenance.


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How to make a Fairy Garden with Sensible Gardening

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