Creative Fence Updates

Many a garden, especially those in urban areas, are surrounded by a fence of some sort. Many fences are very attractive and other not so much and could benefit with DIY creative fence updates. Gardeners usually inherit the garden fence from previous owners. Fences are a major expense in the garden and it is often not possible to tear one down to be replaced by a more attractive option. What we need then are some creative fence updates.

A dash of colour here or an ornament there can go a long ways to making your fence more attractive and in sync with your personal gardening style.

Have a look at some of the suggestions below and perhaps one will inspire you to give your fence a face lift. Don’t feel that you have to alter the entire fence, often a just an area or two will do the trick in personalizing your garden.


Use colourful paint to quickly give your fence a new look. Be bold with your colours to add a whimsical feel to your garden. If you have the ability, paint something right onto your fence, like flowers or butterflies.

Easy creative fence updates with Sensible Gardening

Use your garden plants as double duty. Grow vines right up your fence side and allow them to cascade over and down. This easily hides an unsightly fence that perhaps you can not get rid of.

Hang garden signs on the fence. Craft these yourself or buy them, lots of fun quotes to be had to add fun and humour to your outside space.

An old bicycle with flower baskets full of colourful blooms can be hung on the fence. This can add quite a dash of character to your garden.

Make a collection of old rusty pieces of junk, such as old pans or gardening tools and make a collage on a section of your fence. 

Gather up a collection of bird houses and place them along the top of your fence. This will give you the added benefit of encouraging wild birds into your garden.


Grow vertically on your fence. Make a small vertical panel to hang on the fence. A collection of herbs or succulents would be would be ideal.

Tack a fresh piece of trellis on the fence and plant and decorate to your liking.

Collect old pots and hang them upside down along the top. Probably the older and chipped the better.

Grow a climbing rose on your fence and let it ramble all across. Lovely rose bloom will soon hide an unsightly boundary. This would be particularly nice near a seating area so you can enjoy the roses scent. Roses also look good on attractive fences as seen in this photo. 

Use your fence as a back drop for tall perennials. Daylilies are perfect for this as after they bloom the tall green foliage looks great all season. You could also use ornamental grasses in this way. Once the growth fills in you will hardly know that fence is there at all.

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