Decorating with Flowers ~ A Book Review

Decorating with Flowers

Decorating with Flowers

If there was ever a picture book of fresh flower decor and decorating, “Decorating with Flowers” is it. Written by R.Caballero and E. Reyes and photographed by L. Tettoni this is truly a beautiful coffee table stlye book. I’m always on the lookout for a book of inspiration, and this is such a book, to be appreciated by gardeners and non gardeners alike.

The 240 pages of this book are divided into sections featuring ten professional floral artists as well as amateur homeowners. Using primarily contemporary designs, the reader is waltzed through lavish floral displays featuring exotic,  fantasy and romantic collections to modern, tropical, classic, chic and heritage. Whatever your style is you will find it celebrated in this book.

What I enjoyed most were the glorious pictures showcasing rooms of impecable design and artistry. All feature the use of fresh floral arrangements to enhance the style of design. Some displays are simplistic, minimal with clean lines while others are dramatic, intense and convoluted. Most of the featured houses are well  above your average  home, but each display held so many different elements I found myself picking and choosing ideas that I could incorporate into my home. I was made aware of new and interesting colour schemes, floral placement and floral combinations. East meets West in this book  by combining tropical flowers with temperate climate ones into beautiful floral art.

Included as well are tips on how to create the different styles and explicit names of the flowers used in the designs. I particularly appreciated knowing what flowers  and plants were being used. It also appears that anything organic is fair game, using sections of banana tree trunks, delicate branches, berries, buko-buko palm nuts, any type of leaf, vegetables and pineapples. Equally important was the variation in vessels used, basically anything that holds water can be functional.

So much imagination goes into these floral decorations that some of it can’t help but rub off onto the reader.  That for me is what makes a good inspirational book. You will find yourself going back to this book again and again, each time discovering something new.

( This is a sponsored post for which I received a sample product as compensation to review and write this post. The opinions given are my own )


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