December Garden Withdrawal

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As we march into winter I start to get garden withdrawal and try to find ways to entertain myself to ease the discomfort.  I often find myself wandering around the larger garden centers eyeing the tropicals and seasonal plants. Now is a good time to treat yourself to a few flowering plants such as begonias, azaleas or miniature roses. The ‘Reiger’ begonias are a good buy blooming for several weeks and look a lot like the garden wax begonias.. Azaleas are a little hard to keep or have re-bloom so simply enjoy them while they last. The miniature roses will bloom for a very long time and can be replanted out in your garden next spring very successfully. And of course there are the seasonal poinsettias and Christmas cactus and orchids.

Put up some bird feeders. There are many different bird feeders you can buy to attract different types of birds. Make or purchase suet balls and hang them on the trees. You will not only be helping out your feathered friends but will bring back life and color to your garden.

Suet Feeder / Sensible Gardening and Living

This is the season for new plant catalogues to arrive and garden websites to be updated for spring sales. Grab a coffee, cup of tea or glass of wine and and snuggle up for some serious dreaming and window shopping. Treat yourself to a few new plants every year. This is one way to keep your garden interesting and fresh, and to replace “so so” plants with better suited choices.  There will be some mistakes and failures but this is of no concern. The idea is to try and explore, learn and enjoy. The enjoyment and anticipation of waiting for a new flower to bloom in your garden cannot be understated.

Take a visit to your library or book store and see what’s new on the shelves. New garden books are continually arriving. Treat yourself to a few new books to get your imagination stirred. Get together with gardening friends and exchange books to help keep costs down. What’s old is new!

Grab a pencil and pad and decide which area of your garden needs an update or other improvement. Gardens are not static and each area must be revisited often to keep it fresh. Decide what you would like to do and start researching for materials and costs. That way you will be ready for action come spring.

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