Daylilies for Fall

Daylilies for fall bloom at Sensible Gardening and Living

If your are looking for plants to add flower power to your fall garden look no further than daylilies.  The peak season for daylily hemerocallis blooms is in July and early August but a surprising number of daylilly cultivars bloom in the fall.

Daylily 'Jersey Spider' / Sensible Gardening and Living
Daylily ‘Jersey Spider’ / Sensible Gardening and Living

There are reblooming daylilies, having their main flush of blooms in July  and a scattering again later. Unfortunately for gardeners in the North our warm season is not long enough for many of these repeat blooming daylilies to have time to produce a second set of buds. There are a few that do such as Stella de Oro, Miss Victoria, Ruby Stella and Pardon Me but the selection of cultivars is quite limited for zones 5 and colder. There are however a large selection of Late blooming daylilies to Very Late blooming daylilies that start blooming in September and follow through almost to frost. These are the daylilies I think are worth their weight in gold for the fall garden.

Many northern hybridizers are concentrating on these daylilies and are getting great results. The selection for northern gardeners has increased greatly over the last few years and we can expect many more to follow. One such Canadian hybridizer is Lorraine-Lycette from southern Ontario. He has registered many wonderful late blooming daylilies for zones 4 and lower.

There are many cultivars to choose from but here are a few I find to be reliable for fall blooming.

Mohican Chief – registered by Whatley in 1993. Height 26 inches and bloom size 5.5 inches. Tetraploid with orange tinted red bloom and bright yellow throat. Zone 3

Daylily ‘Mohican Chief’ / Sensible Gardening and Living

Solar Energy  – registered by Lorraine-Lycette in 2004. Height is 26 inches and bloom size is 6 inches. A tetraploid, dormant with orange-gold petals above a green throat.

Personal Hero – registered by Lorraine-Lycette in 2005. Height 36 inches and bloom size 6 inches. A tetraploid, dormant with purple-burgundy bloom and lavender watermark above chartreuse throat.

Remember when you are planting and placing out daylilies that they prefer organic rich soil and sunshine. They will always grow in less but to reach their full potential supply them with fertilie soil, at least 6 hours of sunlight per day and ample water. They’ll do the rest.

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  1. Hi Margaret. Personal Hero was hybridized by Lorrain/Lycett in 2005, however they presently do not offer it for sale. It’s on my wish list too:)

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